Who we are
We manufacture and supply UK residents with electronic cigarettes that are devoid of tobacco and its irritating smoke. Our electronic cigarette uk contain nicotine instead of tobacco, and do not need a lighter because the rechargeable battery that the starter comes with powers the nicotine vaporization mechanism.

Liquid nicotine
The fumes smoked in our electronic cigarette come from the nicotine container in one of the many cartridges that come with our e cig. This is in contrast to regular cigarette whose smoked fumes come from the burning of the tobacco stuffed in the cigarette. The nicotine (in liquid form) is heated to vaporization; forming the fumes that a smoker inhales and exhales.

Power system
Ordinary cigarettes, that contain tobacco, are lit with a lighter or match stick to ignite the tobacco which then smolders gradually to produce the smoke. The electronic cigarettes we produce and supply, on the other hand, do not need lighting. This is primarily because the nicotine heating system is powered by the battery that the e cigarette comes. The battery stores up power and is rechargeable; allowing users to make use of the e cig when they are out of power coverage and also recharge instead of disposing when it goes flat.

Nicotine containers
The nicotine that makes the inhalable fumes in our e cigarettes, comes in cartridges which are inserted inside the cigarette tube. The liquid nicotine is also supplied in large quantities (in other containers) to allow clients keep enough supplies to refill once the nicotine inside any of the cartridges is exhausted. We make cartridges of different sizes to fit into the different sizes of e cigarette tubes we supply. For safety purposes, we label each cartridge to clearly show how much nicotine content each contains. Some opt for zero nicotine content (especially those working towards quitting smoking) while others may opt for higher levels.

Environmental friendly e-cigs
Nicotine e cigs are less harmful to the environment because they do not produce any carbon smoke, from burning tobacco, and they have no ash. This also makes them more socially acceptable as they are cleaner.

Due to the rechargeable battery, that saves one from buying a battery every time the one they have runs flat, the e-cigs tend to be cheaper than regular cigarettes. The fact that the cartridges are refillable also makes these cigarettes cheaper; once a person buys a starter pack they will only need to refill their cartridges or buy new ones.